Useful websites

About Learning Disabilities.  (This site offers current information and advice on a variety of learning disabilities).


Being Dyslexia, (This web site is for anyone who with dyslexia or anyone who has an interest in dyslexia, providing information for all ages)


Bright Solutions for Dyslexia. (Inc, sharing the latest research with those who need to know).


British Dyslexia Association, (This site has information for all ages, including training, advice, services and a shop)


DANDA. (An organisation founded to better the lives of neuro-diverse people with Dyspraxia, ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome).


Dyslexia: (A Course for Parents. "Dyslexia: Making the Most of your Child's Potential," an Online Certificate Course by Dr. Gavin Reid.)


Dyslexia Action, (Has information on education, training, advice, services, plus shop)


DysTalk. (On this site you will find a forum, latest articles which you can watch - by professionals - relating to dyslexia on and information about future talks).


Dyslexia.com, (This web site has advice, reviews, research, training and a online shop for hardware, software, gadgets and other technologies)  


Employers' Forum on Disability, (The Employers' Forum on Disability is the world's leading employers' organisation focused on disability as it affects business) 


Equality and Human Rights Commission, (Has information on Human Rights, advice, guidance and publications)


Family well-being: ("Family Well-being is a free service where everyone can find up-to-date information about the advice and assistance available for families in Jersey.")


Gatehouse. (Gatehouse Media publishes and distributes books and resources for use in post-14 and adult basic education. They are the sole distributor for Brown & Brown Publishing and a number of other specialist literacy and ESOL publishers).


Genius within: ("Genius Within is an exciting new approach to neuro-differences." This website has online Learning Modules, expert forums, crib Sheets, assessments and coaching and free online testing to assess if you have dyslexia tendencies.)


Ian Smythe Blog, ("Techno Dys". A Technology Blog for those with an interest in useful technology for dyslexics)


Inclusive Solutions Learning Styles and Dyslexia Screening Tools, (only to indicate whether a full assessment is required)


JET: ("The Jersey Employment Trust,  (JET) primary role is to assist people with a disability in preparing, finding and maintaining employment in Jersey.")


LET ME LEARN (This site has educational games and teaching resources which is aimed at children who are struggling to learn)


National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE),( The NIACE aims are to encourage all adults to engage in learning of all kinds)


The Dyslexia Research Trust. (A site that provide information about dyslexia, including research on visual problems and the effects of fatty acids).


The Dyslexia Shop (Has thousands of products to help dyslexic people) Tel: 01394671818


The International Dyslexia Association (IDA), (The IDA is an international organization that concerns itself with the complex issues of dyslexia)


Workwise: ("Workwise is a team of advisors (job coaches) who help support people with special employment needs, or particular employment barriers, to prepare for and seek suitable work." They provide job coaching, training and an Adaptation Grant.)






Learning aids

Learning should be fun, so to help children want to learn, the games they play should stimulate their imaginations...