Books on dyslexia

  • Alex Nile, "The Deceitful Dyslexic" (2011),  "This book is about a dyslexic in the workplace who goes through a personal discovery of why he does things." This e-book is available for text to speech on a Kindle for 77p at
  • Bartlett, Diana, Moody, Sylvia and Kindersley, Katherine, (2010), "Dyslexia in the Workplace: An Introductory Guide", Second Edition, Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Bennett, Julie, (2007), "Dyslexia Pocketbook", Hampshire, Teachers' Pocketbooks.
  • BDA., (2009), "Employment and Dyslexia Handbook 2009", Edited by Smythe, Ian, Bracknell,  BDA.
  • Blight, Jean, (2007), "Practical Guide to Dyslexia: Specific Learning Difficulties", Wakefield, Egon Publishers Ltd.
  • Chivers, Maria, (2006), "Practical Strategies for Living with Dyslexia", London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Folb, Naomi, editor, (2011), "Forgotten Letters" is a collection of creative writing by dyslexic writers. This book is available online from Blackwell's, Amazon, Waterstones, Word Power Books and through the publisher's website:  www.r-a-s-p.co.uk .
  • Grant, David, (2007), "That's the Way I Think: Dyslexia and Dyspraxia Explained", Oxon, David Fulton Publishers.
  • Hultquist, Alan, M., (2006), "An Introdution to dyslexia for Parents and Professionals", London, Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • McKeown, Sally, (2006), "Supporting adult learners with dyslexia: harnessing the power of technology", e-guidelines 9, Leicester, NIACE.
  • Moody, Sylvia, (2007), "Dyslexia: A Teenager's Guide", London, Vermilion.
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  • Taylor, Catherine, (2008), "A Useful Dyslexia Handbook for Adults", London, Olympia Publishers.
  • Quick Reads: "Quick Reads are bite-sized books specially written by bestselling authors and celebrities." Quick Reads are the perfect tool for motivating adults to read as they are in a short accessible format, with a good selection of titles on offer, something that will appeal to most adults. These books are also available as e-books for text to speech on a Kindle. www.quickreads.org.uk                                               
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