Games and Activities to use at home

Learning should be fun, so to help children want to learn, the games they play should stimulate their imaginations, engage them in active problem solving and allow them to work independently or co-operatively.

The games should be colourful, practical and using all the senses.

Whilst the Jersey Dyslexia Association cannot endorse particular products, these are a few suggestions, which children seem to enjoy.

1. Smart Chute

  • Described as "a magic way to learn so much".
  • This high quality card flipper is an exciting way to develop key literacy and numeracy skills.
  • When posting the card in the Smart Chute, the child can say the answer and the correct answer then miraculously appears at the bottom.
  • A perfect resource for individual work.
  • The Smart Chute is beneficial for all children but especially those with specific learning difficulties or those learning English as an additional language.
  • Available to buy from www.smartkids2.co.uk
smart_chute_1 smart_chute_2

2. Chunk Stacker

  • Truly fun game!
  • Each player takes a Stacker and can build a tower of words by adding blue onsets or pink rimes.
  • Develops knowledge of word and spelling patterns and encourages strategic and lateral thinking.
  • Can be played by up to 6 players so an ideal family game.
  • Suitable for players aged 6 - adult.
  • Available to buy from www.smartkids2.co.uk
chunk_stacker_1 chunk_stacker_2

3. Board Games

  • From the Smart Kids catalogue, 8 spelling games in a box
  • These attractive and brightly illustrated games reinforce letter-sound relationships and word skills in a fun, interactive way.
  • They cover the alphabet, digraphs, medial vowels, rimes, blends, split-digraphs, vowel phonemes and the first 45 high frequency words.
  • Suitable for children aged 5-8.
  • Available to buy from www.smartkidscatalog.com
board_games_1 board_games_2

4. Swap and Fix Card Games

  • Boxed card games covering word families and suffixing/prefixing rules.
  • Multi-Sensory
  • Helps with reading and spelling
  • For age 5 to adult
  • Simple - Quick to set up
  • FUN for learner and teacher
  • Brilliant for all the family to play
  • Available to buy from www.gamzuk.com
swap_1 swap_2

5. TRUGS - Teach Reading Using Games

  • All the card games take a very short amount of time to play and so concentration is maintained
  • There is a competitive spirit adding a bit of fun but, with some of the games requiring luck, the games are not taken seriously but reading is achieved
  • Match it, Take it and Use it can be played with more than two players
  • There are no pictures on the cards to influence  reading skills
  • The games are ageless, to the extent that teenagers are more than happy to play the card games
  • Because there are 4 styles of card games at each stage reinforcement of each reading stage is inevitable
  • The card games can be played over and over again
  • Available to buy from www.readsuccessfully.co.uk

6. Wordshark 4

  • Wordshark is a computer programme that combines the fun and excitement of bright, multi-sensory games with the serious task of learning to read and spell.
  • Wordshark combines fun and variety to create motivation and as a result, greater confidence.
  • 55 games to improve spelling, reading and memory - really excellent, multi sensory and fun!
  • Available to buy from www.wordshark.co.uk
wordshark numbershark

7. Numbershark 4

  • As above, Numbershark is a program to help anyone improve their numeracy.
  • Available to buy from www.wordshark.co.uk

8. Nessy Games Player

  • 12 great games to improve reading and spelling
  • Spellings start with very easy words and progress to Spelling Age 14
  • 4 difficulty options for beginners or experts
  • Progress through 10 stages to win a reward
  • Your pet Nessy will grow as you improve
  • Play games with your own homework spellings
  • Available to buy from www.nessygamesplayer.co.uk