For teachers


There are many reasons why teachers should adopt a more dyslexia friendly approach:

  • It will benefit all learners and not just those who are dyslexic.
  • If you cannot learn to read, you cannot read to learn.
  • If dyslexia is not recognised early and a pattern of reading failure has set in, children may become frustrated and depressed and are often labeled either 'lazy', 'stupid' or both. Many children lose confidence in their abilities and become school failures.

What can the classroom teacher do?

  1. Awareness and understanding
  2. How do I know if I have a dyslexic pupil in my class?
  3. How can I help a dyslexic child within the classroom?
  4. What additional help and support should be recommended?
  5. Are there resources that can help?
Learning aids

Learning should be fun, so to help children want to learn, the games they play should stimulate their imaginations...